Julie Miles

“When a person reaches a point in life where they are searching for more fulfillment and meaning, it is my desire and privilege to come along beside them with encouragement and direction to help them begin to lead a more rewarding life”

After 4 years at Oklahoma State University, Julie began working in the family construction and real estate development businesses . Active in the companies for 28 years, Julie helped and watched as the business grew into a multi million dollar company. During that time, she also helped raise her two children who have grown to be wonderful young men. She juggled being a business owner and being a devoted mother volunteering in all of their many activities. They both are her greatest joys in life.

Julie is also an active member in the Tulsa community through her involvement with The Tulsa Boys Home, The Tulsa Junior Philharmonic, The Society of Abused Kids and through tutoring at Walt Whitman School. At her church Julie taught Sunday School, was in Circle, was a Vacation Bible School leader and designed and implemented a summer book reading program. But the volunteer job she holds most dear is working in the kitchen preparing meals at John 3:16 Mission. At a time when Julie was transitioning through a divorce and her kids were now away at college, she found that through serving others her life seemed to take on a greater meaning. The people she encountered there provided great inspiration during a hard time of transition in her life. Julie saw that we all have extraordinary gifts that are sometimes hidden in all of us and they need to be discovered and celebrated. Drawing on those strengths and gifts can be life giving as well as life changing for people. She witnessed many men and women dramatically change their lives there.

Julie knows firsthand the value of leadership coaching. A friend for more than 35 years, Nathan Baxter suggested that Julie be coached by Lori Riner who was one of his LSLO leadership coaches. Lori did an excellent job directing Julie through the LSLO coaching program and it transformed Julie’s life. Julie discovered that life changes can propel us to look for and move toward a more purposeful life in any situation.

Email: jmiles@leadselfleadothers.com