Among the LSLO team, we have a significant amount of experience helping both individuals and companies move towards their full potential.  

Below are some of the most helpful resources.

  • Birkman Assessments and Surveys
      • Birkman® Assessments:  A custom set of reports detailing a person’s energizing activities, strengths or usual behavior, stress triggers, and stress behaviors.  Once we capture the data through our online testing center, we are able to select from over 50 different reports to create a unique feedback experience for our clients.  We also use the Birkman® when we work with teams to help them learn how to work and best communicate with their co-workers.
    • Birkman® 360 Performance Evaluation:  We test for 9 leadership competencies from 12-20 people who are familiar with a leaders day to day work style.  The competencies that we measure are the following:
        • Ensuring Long Term Results:   Your ability to bring leadership expertise needed in your field, the organization, and the people you serve as it relates to the strategic thinking process.
        • Leading Others: Your ability to define, communicate, and inspire others with your vision of the future.
        • Building Strong Teams: Your ability to help the members of your organization translate strategic goals and initiatives into specific responsibilities and priorities.
        • Managing Outcomes:  Your ability to establish measurable outcomes and create systems for monitoring progress toward them.
        • Delegating to Others: Your readiness to explain expectations, provide appropriate resources, and assist with regular and unscheduled coaching and leadership.
        • Developing Others: Your ability to build the underlying strength and continuity of the organization by recognizing potential and developing it through attention to training, coaching, and evaluation of performance.
        • Making Decisions: Your ability to stay strategic, results-oriented, and productive and still do justice to the complexity of issues and the views of others.
        • Dealing with Conflicting Ideas: Your ability to speak out in the face of opposition, acknowledge conflict, and work openly toward strategically aligned solutions.
      • Personal and Professional Growth: Your ability to solicit and act on constructive feedback, challenge yourself with tough assignments, and demonstrate resilience and courage in the face of setbacks and opposition.

  • Custom 360 Performance Evaluation:  We create custom 360 performance evaluations that allow us to measure specific attributes and behaviors that are unique to the position as well as unique to the company.
  • LSLO Life Map:  The LSLO Life Map is a 4-6 session coaching package with one purpose: to empower you to state your brand very concisely within your organization.
    • By brand we mean:
      • The passion of your work
      • The style of your work
      • The energy behind your work
      • And the culture that your presence brings into the larger organization.
  • Custom Surveys
    • All Employee Surveys:  We create custom surveys that evaluate the “strength of workplace” of a particular company. Using the results, we consult with the leadership of a company about both the strengths and weaknesses of their culture.
    • Manager Surveys:  We create surveys that measure the needs of managers within a company.  Using the information, we design a management training program that helps managers utilize best practices for helping employees experience success in the workplace.
  • Design of Resources
    • Employee Flip Books:  Working with the leadership of a company, we help them identify their vision, mission, and values, and convert these statements into a resources that are easily “retrievable” and “reviewable” for managers and employees.  We also include key messages that leaders want their employees to be mindful of.
    • Manager Flip Books:  We have created a management training program called “Coaching to Win.” We customize this material to fit the unique needs of a company into a flip book.  Then we assist in the training of the material.
    • Executive Flip Books:  We work with the CEO & President of a company to identify the key traits he or she wants in each of their Executives.  This information is converted into a flip book and trained to the Executive Team as a group and in individual coaching sessions.
  • Strategic Growth Plans
  • Employee Newsletter
  • Leadership Articles / Blogs
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Training for Coaches / Mentors

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