Kristi Triplett-Jones

Kristi is a graduate from Oklahoma State University with a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Over the past 12 years, she has worked with men and women in over 15 countries and speaks on what healthy risk looks like in one’s life. She has traveled with several nonprofits assisting individuals in empowerment, ministry training, and involvement with their communities. Kristi is a professional speaker and writer, and you can find her writings published in The Yellow Conference Blog, Victory Missions, and With All My Heart Organization, to name a few.

Kristi is passionate about advocating for your mental and physical health, and has used her writing and speaking engagements to bloom a unique confidence in individuals overcoming obstacles in their lives. She’s experienced in conference building and connecting with women who are desiring to learn, grow, and reach more, and dedicated to help you move forward, achieve your visions, and come alive in the risk it will take to get there. You will most likely find Kristi drinking hot tea with her corgi, while finding a new recipe to whip up.