Sharon Mankin

Sharon has spent three decades helping people discover their strengths, embrace their story, and move toward their potential. Her greatest joy is helping people grow and thrive as they move their stories forward with greater intention.

Ten years ago, Sharon was in transition. Her children were nearly grown and she was ready to explore what she might do next. When she engaged the help of a life coach and devoured the process, it led to her own life’s work as a coach.

Sharon has a BA in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University, an MS in Educational Administration from East Texas State University, and her coaching certification from Lead Self Lead Others. She has started and led several organizations dedicated to helping people grow including Coffee Talk, a mentoring ministry for young women, and Abundant Life, an annual coaching retreat she co-created with her personal life coach, Mary Sue Campbell.

Married to Dwight (aka “Mr. Wonderful”), mother to three children, Blake (married to Meagan), Emily (married to Will), Austin (a student at the University of Oklahoma), and grandmother (aka “Honey”) to Rivers, her family is the supreme delight of her life.

As a Coach, Sharon believes:

  • You were created on purpose, for a purpose. When you understand your unique design and lean into your strengths, you move toward your God-given potential.
  • Your story matters. Your story enlightens you to the work you are called to do.
  • Your values and vision set the course. When you create a vision that aligns with your values and gifts, your path comes into focus.
  • People need people. Alone, we are limited to what we know or understand at a given moment, but when we give other people access to our lives, we invite challenge, accountability, and growth.

Sharon specializes in working with:

People who….

  • Seek to understand how they’re wired, what their strengths are, and how to move forward with greater intention.
  • Desire to develop as leaders at home and in the marketplace.
  • Want to get out of a rut or edit their lives in order to focus on the people and work that matter most.

Parents who…

  • Want to identify their values and cast a vision for their family in order to lead their children well.
  • Desire to understand their unique wiring with the goal of improving communication within the family.

Students who…

  • Are interested in understanding how they are wired, why it matters, and how they can be intentional about discovering their life’s work.